1. Go to the passwordcard.org website, read the instructions, generate and print your PasswordCard. Much of the benefit of the PasswordCard is that it’s a low-tech carry everywhere solution to password management and you lose some of that by relying solely on the App.
  2. Make a note of the card number for your PasswordCard. It will be a string like “45dd5eeeb50ebd66”. This card number is used to generate your particular card. If you ever lose your paper card, you can recreate it with this number. Also, it’s what you’ll use to get the same card on your iPhone.
  3. In the PasswordCardApp tap the configuration tab. Enter your PasswordCard number and click “Done” or click “Scan Card with Camera” to read a QR code version off the PasswordCard website. You should now see an identical card to your paper version.
  4. This card (paper and iPhone) can be used to generate multiple secure passwords (see below).

How does it work?

Your PasswordCard has a unique grid of random letters and digits on it. The rows have different colors, and the columns different symbols. All you do is remember a combination of a symbol and a color, and then read the letters and digits from there. It couldn’t be simpler!

For example:


In this case we’re using the BLUE row and the “!” column to generate our 8 character password. We need only rememember “BLUE!” which will lead you to a much more secure “Rdf7fMSt” password.

You can optionally include an area that has only digits which you can use for PIN’s, and you can also choose to include symbols if you use sites which require your passwords to include them. Remember that you can still use the digits-only area for regular passwords, for any site which allows numbers in its passwords!